Cleo was great fun and sexy, will book again.
Made by Tony - 8th Mar 2019
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She is sensational and had to book her again,
Made by H - 6th Feb 2019
View Erika's Profile Page

Wow wow wow!!!! Latifah is a an absolute super star. She has extremely long dark hair that cascades all down her back stroking her bum. Her figure is also to die for, slim with curves in all the right places. Superb service and warm personality. I cannot wait to see her again:)
Made by Andrew - 2nd Feb 2019
View Latifah's Profile Page

Solange is a dream come true! She has Lovely long brunette hair, fantastic figure and a pretty face. She really made me feel welcome and it was exactly what I needed after a long flight. Solange knows how to make a man feel like a man. It was a brilliant experience. I highly recommend her, the thought of her enjoying herself with someone else actually excites me :). Thank you again Kensington Girls for the suggestion.
Made by Peter - 29th Jan 2019
View Solange's Profile Page

There are a lot of girls pretending to be Asian so I was so excited to meet Sabrina as she is a genuine Asian girl. She has seductive brown eyes, a beautiful smile and fantastic figure. Her service was spectacular, she was very charming and open minded and made me feel like a king. I was very impressed.
Made by Abs - 19th Jan 2019
View Sabrina's Profile Page

Smoking hot blonde babe! Brilliant service I would totally see her again.
Made by Henry - 14th Jan 2019
View Sophia's Profile Page

Sophia is an attractive young girl who was very attentive and open minded. Her flat was tidy and she she had a warm and friendly personality. I would recommend her if you are into young blondes.
Made by Kevin - 10th Jan 2019
View Sophia's Profile Page

I was so excited to get a chance to meet Zeni as I love blonde women with a natural bust. She opened the door in a silk gown and a warm smile and lead me to her sitting room and offered me a drink. I took a glass of wine and she lead me to her sweet smelling bedroom took off her robe to reveal her incredible figure. The next two hours were magical.
Made by Jake - 8th Jan 2019
View Zeni's Profile Page

Top Girl, this one is a keeper :)
Never seen someone so little and sexy
Made by Rony - 5th Jan 2019
View Felicity's Profile Page

Yvette is a naughty blonde with a great athletic body with curves in all the right places. She has bags of energy and I felt like she regally enjoyed my company. I was also impressed by with how open minded she was, she also begged me to come back and see her soon. I think she enjoyed herself as much as I did.
Made by Leo - 19th Dec 2018
View Yvette's Profile Page

Great to find a genuine Indian princess as there are so many fakes in London. Her service was impeccable, she never rushed and was extremely charming and sexy. Great attitude and personality. Thank again for the recommendation.
Made by Craig - 19th Dec 2018
View Sabrina's Profile Page

The best ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Made by SRK - 14th Dec 2018
View Kendall's Profile Page

Kendall has a smart clean apartment and a stunning face. Her body is curvy and toned and she has a great attitude to her work. Her service is so sensual I left feeling fantastic.
Made by Andrew - 8th Dec 2018
View Kendall's Profile Page

Absolutely brilliant girl! It is so hard to find genuine Indian girl. I had a fantastic time with Faranza, I highly recommend her
Made by Ali - 30th Nov 2018
View Farzana's Profile Page

I was a bit apprehensive about booking Antoinette at first as her face is blurred on her profile however the receptionist reassured me that she is attractive. I was glad to see that she was indeed a very attractive girl and was happy to meet all my demands. I would highly recommend her.
Made by Terry - 11th Nov 2018
View Antoinette's Profile Page

Camy. Greeted me with a big smile and invited me in flat flat. Within minutes she was all over me telling me how handsome I was. She was kissing me and caressing me all over for the full hour. She made me feel irresistible I would love to see her again:)
Made by Harry - 7th Nov 2018
View Camy's Profile Page

Kendall is breathtakingly beautiful girl staying in a lovely apartment. On arrival she offered to take my coat and asked if I wanted a drink. We had a glass of wine together and then we went on to have the most amazing two hours together. Highly recommended.
Made by Iain - 31st Oct 2018
View Kendall's Profile Page

I was so excited to see Rachel as a new girl because I do love a sexy cury girl from time to time and she did not disappoint one bit. Rachel is extremely sexy and really knows how to please a guy. Top service. Thank you again Kensington Girls.
Made by Phil - 25th Oct 2018
View Rachael's Profile Page

Carol is a mind blowing beauty with a lovely personality. She arrived at my hotel in a fantastic outside with a warm but naughty grin on her face. We cuddled and drank some wine before getting down to business and I was not disappointed. Amazing woman. Thank you for the recommendation.
Made by Jamie - 22nd Oct 2018
View Carol's Profile Page

Elena is definitely 5 star and i thank you again for recommended me one of the best.
Made by O - 18th Oct 2018
View Elena's Profile Page

Thanks for an amazing time. Awesome mind blowing experience with this girl kalista.
Made by Alan - 28th Sep 2018
View Kalista's Profile Page

Vivian arrived at hotel on time wearing a lovely tight black dress and heels. She greeted me with a smile and I pointed at her money on th desk. She put the cash in her bag and slowly began to undress. In her underwear she started give it me an amazing back rub. We eventually starting kissing and went on to have a wonderful 2 hours together. Brilliant girl!
Made by Paul - 27th Sep 2018
View Vivian's Profile Page

I loved the look of Delta’s profile as I find tattoos on women very sexy. In the flesh I was not disappointed at all. Very attractive girl indeed. I had an experience I Wouold never forgot. See you soon Delta:)
Made by Greg - 26th Sep 2018
View Delta's Profile Page

Delta was really nice and well connected
Made by N - 21st Sep 2018
View Delta's Profile Page

Celia arrived at my hotel on time wearing a lovely black dress and killer heels. I found her face and body very attractive and we had a wonderful 2 hours together. I would book her again when I am back in London.
Made by Joe - 17th Sep 2018
View Celia's Profile Page

Nataly is a dream come true, she has a brilliant figure and pretty face. I was glad that she was also so very open minded and arrived at my hotel quickly. I had a brilliant time!
Made by Keith - 20th Aug 2018
View Nataly's Profile Page

Vanessa is the total package - blonde sexy and open minded. She has a naughty little laugh and is very playful. Her flat is clean and tidy and service is incredible. She did not rush and made me feel welcome. Lovely girl I would love to see her again.
Made by Jay - 10th Aug 2018
View Vanessa's Profile Page

Janna is an absolute goddess! A real dream come true. She has a beautiful face, lovely long blonde hair and a body to die for. Her service was amazing I loved every second I spent with her.
Made by Olly - 2nd Aug 2018
View Janna's Profile Page

Fantastic Service! This girl has a great attitude and is also very sexy. I will be seeing her again highly recommended.
Made by Iain - 2nd Aug 2018
View Evitta's Profile Page

Stephany is a lovely young girl with a cute face. Her flat is easy to find and she opened the door in a sexy outfit and warm smile. Her service was brilliant she made feel comfortable and I left with a spring in my step feeling 10 years younger.
Made by Jim - 26th Jul 2018
View Stephany's Profile Page

I found Chrissy to be a little shy at first but suprised me by how open minded she turned out to be. I love her long dark hair and slim yet curvacious body. I actually dont usually go for girls as young as Chrissy but I had a great time. I would see her again.
Made by Paul - 23rd Jul 2018
View Chrissy's Profile Page

Bonita is a hot and spicy Latina with curves in all the right places. Easily recogniseable from the pictures. Her flat is easy to find and she is very welcoming. Her flat mate is hot also. Bonita’s service is fantastic, she is open minded and made me feel desired. I would love to see her again.
Made by Greg - 17th Jul 2018
View Bonita's Profile Page

Anays is a lovely Argentinian lady with a warm personality, great figure and hot body. Her Paddington flat is easy to find and it is also very tidy. I was blown away with the service, she made me feel relaxed and was more then happy to please. I had a fantastic time. Keep the great girls coming Kensington Girls.
Made by Olly - 5th Jul 2018
View Anays's Profile Page

Debra is nothing short of spectacular, I got a real life porn star and girlfriend experience rolled into one. Debra is a pint sized busty blond bombshell, with a cute face and all the curves in the right place. Her South Kensington location is also great for me. Thanks again Kensington Girls for a great night :)
Made by Lee - 4th Jul 2018
View Debra's Profile Page

Yvette flat was easy to find in a great location. I found her to be very friendly, very sexy in the flesh I couldn’t help but star at her bust as she offered me a drink. The service was fantastic, she is very enthusiastic and open minded. I would visit her again, lovely girl !
Made by David - 3rd Jul 2018
View Yvette's Profile Page

Kandy is an absolute dream, very sexy and pretty in the flesh. Her flat is in a great location and it was really hard for me to leave. When I have the time I would see her for the whole night!
Made by Ryan - 1st Jul 2018
View Kandy's Profile Page

Mistress Bekka is just like her picture. Absolutely stunning and knows how to turn men on!@ i'm addicted and can't wait to meet her again!
Made by Phil - 25th Jun 2018
View Bekka's Profile Page

Deniz is out of this world sexy, I spent 3 hours with this goddess I wanted more. Very polite, smelled lovely and she is extremely open minded. She has a jaw dropping body and a beautiful face. | would happily see her over and over again. Top Reccomedation! You will not be disappointed.
Made by Joe - 21st Jun 2018
View Deniz's Profile Page

Astrid is a fantastic girl, very open minded. It is quite unusual to have a mixed European girl with lovely brown skin. I can’t wait to see her again.

Made by Greg - 19th Jun 2018
View Astrid's Profile Page

Nile is an absolute stunner, very attractive and fun girl. I extended for an extra two hours because we were having so much. I will see her again next time I’m in London. Highly recommended.
Made by Kevin - 16th Jun 2018
View Nile's Profile Page

I love exotic women and Bonita was exactly what I was looking for. Very naturally pretty, open minded and friendly. She also has a lovely slim curvy body. Thanks for the recommendation.
Made by Jerry - 15th Jun 2018
View Bonita's Profile Page

Agnes greeted me with a smile and offered me a drink on arrival. I absolutely love petite curvy blondes. Thank you again Kensington Girls for the recommendation.
Made by Andy - 13th Jun 2018
View Agnes's Profile Page

I was very disappointed with this girl. She was surprisingly rude, cross, sharp and unwilling to do the usual customary things or things that were advertised as her services. If a “girl of service” refuses to do things that the customer favors (things that she advertised) then why the hell is she doing this kind of job in the first place?

And she should always shower when the client is there with him so that he sees she cleansed herself before starting work, yet she didn’t and also didn’t want to shower with me afterwards, what does that tell you? She can’t take in men with size and refuses to even try, so if you are more than say 5” then forget calling this girl. I’m 9” and she was useless to me, I couldn’t even go in halfway. She also doesn’t like to give OWO even though her services saying so which she will do for no more than 30 seconds so you have to keep asking her to. Quite boring, I can do that myself at home and save me the money.

She doesn’t look as good as her photoshoped pictures, I almost didn’t even recognize her at first. Her photos are 5 years old, I saw her same photos posted in 2013 on another escort site when she looked much better back then, but unfortunately not now. And why doesn’t she post recent pictures of herself with her 5 tattoos on her arms, hands and legs, especially the big ribbons on the back of both legs which looks totally trashy. If I knew that she had tattoos then I would have never ordered her, I don’t like chicks with tattoos, it’s a deal-breaker for me and probably for others too. A client doesn’t want unexpected unpleasant surprises.

She is as thin as a rail as in her pics but her best assets; you can’t touch at all, no A-Level (she only did it twice in her life she said and hated it). So what’s the use then, and why do I have to pay to listen to some bitter, scorned broad when I can get that at home from my old lady? I’ll pass on this one for good and I would never recommend her to anyone. A BIG thumbs down.
Made by Jack - 29th May 2018
View Regina's Profile Page

What a beauty she is and a body and a girl, can't say more really....
Made by Angel - 27th May 2018
View Kendall's Profile Page

She's one of the Bsst....
Made by Ahmed - 6th May 2018
View Anays's Profile Page

Kensington Girls thank you again for the recommendation. Adele is outstanding. Such a beautiful girl with fantastic experience. I would see her again and again. Thanks again Adele x
Made by Peter - 25th Apr 2018
View Adele's Profile Page

She Was Beautiful elegant and she's Amazing with me. I Could have spent more tine with her
Made by Danish - 22nd Mar 2018
View Abigail's Profile Page

Sisi is beautiful, friendly,energetic,warm and incredibly sexy. I would highly recommended you pay her a visit, I know I'll be seeing her again it was an amazing experience xx
Made by Jason - 21st Feb 2018
View Sisi's Profile Page

Niky is one of the most amazing lady i’ve ever been with. Absolutely stunning and smoking hot. She looks even better in real!

You wouldnt regret spending time with this gorgeous woman!

Made by Mr mysterious - 29th Jan 2018
View Niky's Profile Page

Im in love with this girl, beautiful eyes and amazing company, ideally for a dinner date.
Made by A - 10th Jan 2018
View Lolita's Profile Page

In London for the holidays and came across this agency.. I really liked Karma's pictures so decided to go with her. Not to go into too much detail but she's exactly what I expected when I met her in person. Great figure, lovely smile, and made me very very happy. The next time I'm in London, I'll have to see her again.
Made by Josh - 30th Dec 2017
View Karma's Profile Page

Amazing body and her approach is wild, funny and worth it for a party and a night out!
Made by Kevin - 27th Dec 2017
View Demi's Profile Page

I booked Lolita 3 days in a row and can confirm she is one of the very best Girl in London, Crystal Beautiful blue eyes and all i can say is Wow...
Made by H - 12th Dec 2017
View Lolita's Profile Page

Very Nice Girl and friendly, thank you
Made by Paul - 17th Nov 2017
View Ayra's Profile Page

I came 5 minutes late, sorry about that.

Agnes is absolutely amazing, Well ready.

Thanks for recommending her.

Made by P - 12th Nov 2017
View Agnes's Profile Page

Very clean and great experience! 5 Stars. Thank you
Made by Ash - 4th Nov 2017
View Agnes's Profile Page

Adina is just beautiful and full of energy, really loved her company and her approach, really excellent choice.
Made by Noel - 27th Oct 2017
View Adina 's Profile Page

That Girl knows how to dominate, 100%
Made by Bruno - 27th Jul 2017
View Melodi's Profile Page

Donna is a real Girlfriend Experience and super friendly with a lovely smile, loved her company!
Made by Jimmy - 7th Jul 2017
View Donna's Profile Page

This girl is gorgeous and only £150
Made by Paul - 13th Jun 2017
View Yana's Profile Page

My girl and I tried did a couples thing with Marcia last night.. The things she did to my girlfriend I've never seen anyone do. I think my girl enjoyed Marcia more than I did.. not complaining, so thanks Marcia!! My girl says they need to give her a raise lol
Made by D & C - 28th May 2017
View Marcia's Profile Page

she is even more beautiful than her photos. Rebecca came to the hotel dressed in a sexy classy dress. she has a beautiful soft firm body. if you enjoy DATY her Pxxxy is the most beautiful and tasty I have ever kissed. she is charming and fun to be with. the perfect GFE. she started with a sexy striptease and it was then non stop for 90 minutes. she talks and teases throughout. her kisses are to die for. Rebecca thank you for the pleasure you gave me and for your wonderful company.
Made by J.A - 19th May 2017
View Rebecca's Profile Page

Decided to give this agency a try, receptionist is friendly and recommended Marcia as I was in the Sloane Avenue area. Did a 1hr incall and extended for an additional two hours, would have stayed longer if my wallet allowed it! Had a great time, will definitely use again in the future. Thanks!
Made by Jeff P - 16th May 2017
View Marcia's Profile Page

I have been meet this girl for 1 hour she is very friendly she is nice i realy like this sweet girl i will go again and again she is a dream girl, i will recomend for this girl she deserve 10 out of 10 from me!!!
Made by Miah - 8th May 2017
View Salima's Profile Page

I have been meet this girl for 1 hour she is very friendly she is nice i realy like this sweet girl i will go again and again she is a dream girl, i will recomend for this girl she deserve 10 out of 10 from me!!!
Made by Miah - 8th May 2017
View Salima's Profile Page

Ive spent 3 hours with this lovely bird and yes she is Hot, Friendly, Marvellous.. i have no words
Made by Ed - 7th May 2017
View Celia's Profile Page

Very Good thank you xxx
Made by Harma - 25th Apr 2017
View Fairuz's Profile Page

Very Good xx
Made by Rahma - 24th Apr 2017
View Fairuz's Profile Page

Beautiful girl and friendly and all in a nice apartment, couldn't be any better, many thanks
Made by Daniel - 23rd Apr 2017
View Lolita's Profile Page

Fantastic Girl and service, friendly and full of passion, highly recommend.
Made by Paul - 7th Apr 2017
View Melissa's Profile Page

8 out 10 this girl is an inspiration for the industry.
Made by Marco - 14th Mar 2017
View Nile's Profile Page

Thank you Kensington Girls for the great suggestion, I usually go for brunettes however I was advised to see Lolita. I am so happy I did as her service was fantastic. Highly recommended.
Made by Marcus - 10th Mar 2017
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