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 Paddington W2 

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Cheap Escorts

Kensington Girls has the best selection of cheap London escorts for you! These escorts are extremely open minded and love what they do. Open minded and adventurous escorts are exactly what these lovey ladies are, they like to have a good time and are only having fun if you are as well. They are guaranteed to exhilarate you for as long as you can possibly last. They are beautiful, captivating, affordable, and enjoy what they do. There's no better selection of cheap escorts in London for you except here at KG!



Cheap Escorts in London


It's very difficult to find an affordable escort in London that is still of high quality. Adam stared through the tinted windowpane at her, unable to believe his eyes. Rebecca was exactly as her profile had said she was.  She was a little above five feet three inches; her long shapely legs neatly hidden underneath a long velvet skirt which was conspicuously ripped by the side.


By the time she was close to the car, the driver hurriedly pulled the door open for her, getting her to step onto the seat beside him.


He was unable to speak. For a second, staring at her slender shoulders, pear-shaped breasts and hour-glass shape, he wondered why he had ever doubted that he could find considerably cheap but quality escort girls in London.


“Hello.” She whispered, smiling at him.


The engine of the car roared alive at the same time and he couldn’t help but jolt out of his shock. “Hi.” He whispered, folding his arms. “Apologies, I am not usually like this.”


She beamed at him, apparently understanding the reason for his current nervousness.


“Do you want me to inch closer and place my palm on your thigh?” She said. “I found out a long time ago that instant intimacy can go a long way to get my client comfortable around me.”


He nodded, knowing how much he would like that. Slowly, she shifted on the seat, somehow getting her entire left leg to reveal itself through the ripped part of her skirt. He swallowed hard, electrifying jolts coursing through his spine as his eyes fixed on her gleaning tanned skin.

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“Is that better, sweetie?” She said, her palm slowly settling on his thigh.


Adam nodded, loving every bit of sensation that washed through him, despite how rapid and inexplicable they were.


“What would you like for lunch?” He asked her, feeling the need to say just about anything in order to distract himself.


“Anything you would want your escort to eat.” She whispered again, her warm breath settling on his arm.


He adored her already. For some reason, he felt as if he had gotten himself a totally subservient and irresistibly dangerous partner. These were exactly his specs and he wondered just how much more he would derive from her when they were alone in his home.


“You like shrimps, don’t you?” He asked, his fingers already reaching downward to clutch hers.


She nodded, her eyes briefly staring into his before trailing downwards to settle at the middle of his thighs.


Kensington Girls, Adam thought with a gratified grin as his cock jolted hard underneath his pants. The agency had been how he was able to order for her services and he looked forward to all the pleasures he could have with her already; both outside and inside of his bedroom.

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